Tulsa, OK Best Restaurant: Elote Cafe & Catering

Elote Cafe and Catering in Tulsa, OK specializes in freshly made Mexican food.

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While most people think elote is Mexican grilled corn, diners in Tulsa know that Elote Cafe & Catering is a local favorite for fresh Mexican-fused cuisine.

The restaurant is known for its flavorful, low-fat food. The puffy tacos are crowd favorites, and diners know to go on Wednesday nights when the inflated flour tortilla filled with meat and caramelized onions is a mere $2. Vegetarians have plenty of options at Elote, where meat-free options are always on the menu.

Known for their green mantra, Elote is supplied by local farmers and vendors, and the restaurant's printing is done on 100 percent recycled paper. If by chance there are leftovers, Elote turns them into compost for a local community farm.

Another feature of Elote? Luchador Wrestling. Once a month, the Elote Luchador Wrestling Federation competes at Elote, showing that it isn’t just the cuisine that packs a punch.

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