Eugene, OR Neighborhoods

No matter what kind of neighborhood you prefer, Eugene, OR has it.

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Eugene, nicknamed “The Emerald City,” is a growing community that offers a high standard of living for all of its approximately 158,000 residents and counting.

Green and Healthy

One of the nation's greenest cities, 85 percent of Eugene's power comes from renewable energy sources. The city is also known as one of the healthiest in the nation with more than 80 miles of bike paths and dedicated bicycle lanes on city streets to keep residents' lifestyles active.

Neighborhood Variety

House-hunters looking to call Eugene home have a variety of options among more than 19 different neighborhoods varying in size, style and price.

In west Eugene, the Bethel-Danebo area is an up-and-coming spot for first-time home buyers with affordable newer homes averaging about $140,000.

The Santa Clara area in northern Eugene has a rural feel on the outskirts of the city where growing families can enjoy older farmhouse-style homes with larger lot sizes.

Located near the University of Oregon, the Ferry Street Bridge area is an established neighborhood with an abundance of recreational options including golf courses, shopping centers and parks. This area combines the city's quaint feeling with great college town amenities.

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