Eugene, OR Food Companies

Including Euphoria Chocolate, Nancy's Yogurt, GloryBee Foods and more.

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Is this repetitive – Euphoria Chocolate?

Euphoria Chocolate is one of several local food companies that give Eugene a deserved reputation as an imaginative culinary city. Not only are a number of made-in-Eugene edibles distributed in these parts, but all over America. It only makes sense that citizens noted for inventiveness and the pursuit of alternative ideas should want their food as healthy and interesting as possible.

Such is the case at GloryBee Foods, which uses actual honeybees to make several of its products – including honey candy. Then there is Nancy’s Yogurt, made by Springfield Creamery and distributed nationally. Employee Nancy Hamren came to work at the creamery in 1969 and had an all-natural yogurt recipe that had been her grandmother's, and dairy technologists have perfected it into the savory products sold today throughout the U.S.

Bliss is Naked Coconut

At Coconut Bliss, nondairy frozen treats come in eight flavors with names like Mint Galactica and Naked Coconut. The owners began their business in 2005 with a $2 hand-cranked ice cream maker from Goodwill, and today Coconut Bliss is in all 50 states.

No Foolin’ About Tofu

Toby's Family Foods produces a large line of tofu. What’s tofu? It is basically compressed cottage cheese made from soymilk, and two of Toby’s most popular low fat, low calorie, low carb flavors are martini olive and classic lemon dill. And at Surata Soyfoods, they also make nutritional whole foods such as tofu and tempeh. By the way, tempeh is a cultured soy product that originated in Indonesia many centuries ago.

Oh, How Very European

The term “drinking chocolate” is relatively unknown in the United States, though very popular in Europe. Now, Sipping Dreams is a local drinking chocolate company that sells luscious bar chocolate – not powder – to produce its thick, rich drinks. Aloha From Oregon is a Eugene company that specializes in unusual organic butters, jellies and preserves. Have you ever eaten tangerine marmalade? They sell it along with items such as mulled wine jelly, marionberry preserves and blueberry rhubarb butter.

Crispy Chips, Sweets and Seaweed

At Carmen's Chips, crispy tortilla chips are made from masa, oil and water, and come in lightly salted or no salt versions. Meanwhile, Turtle Mountain uses coconut milk to create nondairy sweets such as soy milk sandwich bars, cultured coconut milk yogurt and coconut milk beverages. And at Mountain Rose Herbs, the company specializes in bulk herbs, bulk spices and red, green and black teas. One of their best selling products is seaweed.

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