Top 10 Reasons to Do Business in Portland, OR

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Portland is known for its environmentally friendly businesses.

In the 1970s, Portland rode popu­list movements to a new era of prosperity. One – a commitment to protecting its patch of the earth – led to wise planning of neighborhoods, business districts and countryside.

A second – innovative regional transit systems – helped people get to all those places while easing traffic congestion and being friendly to the environment. Here are ten other reasons businesses choose to call Portland Home.

1. Strategic Location 
The Portland and Vancouver metropolitan area is a West Coast hub for commerce and travel. The Port of Portland is the nation’s eighth largest in export tonnage, and together with the Port of Vancouver the docks make an ideal transfer point for cargo. Interstates 5 and 84 intersect here, and Portland International Airport offers nonstop service to 52 U.S. cities and to Germany, the Netherlands, Japan, Canada and Mexico.

2. Hub for Innovation 
World-class businesses and industries flourish here. The region’s Silicon Forest is home to international leaders in the design and manufacture of semiconductors. The area also is a manufacturing center for sports apparel and footwear, heavy trucks and railcars, metals, wines and microbrews, specialty foods, and animated films.

3. Living Sustainably 
Progressive public policies ranging from an emphasis on mass transit to the construction of green buildings make environmental friendliness a way of life here. Factor in some of the nation’s leading universities on LEED design, urban planning and renewable energy, and you can see why the Portland region is a leader in sustainability.

4. Robust Central City 
Downtown Portland is one of the most vibrant central cities in North America – a destination for people day and night. Local stores and national retailers make it a magnet for shoppers. Cultural venues abound, as do restaurants, wine bars, movie theaters and brewpubs.

5. Quality of Life 
The Portland region is renowned as a place where “the good life” is more than a slogan. Incredible opportunities for recreation – everything from skiing on 11,249-foot Mount Hood to beachcombing on the Pacific shore – are a short drive away.

6. Intellectual Capital 
Higher education institutions continue to grow and attract talent from around the country, ultimately feeding the region’s workforce. Within a 110-mile radius, 175,000 students are enrolled in 25 colleges and universities.

7. Flourishing Arts Scene 
Portland has world-class cultural amenities: symphony, opera, ballet, theater, museums, art galleries and film festivals, as well as a thriving music scene.

8. Business Incentives 
The state of Oregon and local governments in the Portland region offer incentives to attract businesses and industries.

9. Accessibility 
Adding light-rail, streetcars and an aerial tram to the public transit mix has resulted in a 65 percent increase in ridership over 10 years.

10. Affordability 
Compared with other states, Oregon has lower water, power and workers’ compensation insurance costs. There is no sales tax; state income and local property taxes are modest.

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