Portland, OR Is a Beer City Bar None

Discover why Portland, OR is a great beer city

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Portland, OR, is a pretty good place to be if you like good beer. Some might even call it "Beervana."

Known as America's Beer Capital, Portland proper is home to no fewer than 28 breweries – more than any other city in America. Within the larger Portland metro area, there are about 50 microbreweries.

Major local breweries include Widmer Brothers Brewing, Pyramid Brewing Company, Deschutes Brewery, BridgePort Brewing Company, Rogue Ales, Full Sail Brewing, Upright Brewing, and Hair of The Dog Brewing Company.

With an environment that provides a high quality water supply and good growing conditions for hops, Portland is commonly thought of as the home of American craft brewing, dating back to the 1800s.

The annual Oregon Brewers Festival is the longest running of its kind in the United States. It draws nearly 100,000 people each year to taste up to 80 beers from 80 different breweries around the country. There's also the Portland International Beerfest and the Holiday Ale Festival.

Meanwhile, Portland brewery tours like the Portland Brew Bus are becoming popular as more and more beer drinkers flock to the burgeoning beer city.

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