Carlisle, PA Neighborhood Overview

On Friday, October 5, 2012 - 10:13

Carlisle was rated by Forbes as the second best place to raise a family. There are nine neighborhoods available to residents who want to settle down.

Home Buyers

New Kingstown suburban neighborhood in northwestern Carlisle is comprised of mixed-aged executives and management professionals who live in one- to four-bedroom homes. Middlesex Elementary School is in this neighborhood, as well as schools from neighboring, Mechanicsburg.

Boiling Springs is part of the Carlisle metropolitan area and borders Carlisle in the southwest. Boiling Springs ranges from one- to four-bedroom homes, but mostly has larger homes. Boiling Springs is one of the top retiree-friendly neighborhoods in the state due to its quiet atmosphere and low crime rates.

The Schlusser/Dickinson College area is generally made up of three- to four-bedroom homes. Most of the residents living here are mixed ages. The area is one of the most family-friendly areas in the state, thanks to low crime rates and owned single-family homes.

Rural neighborhood Dickinson/Huntsdale is predominantly made up of homes with one to four bedrooms and largely occupied by mixed ages.

City Center/Downtown

Near the middle of the city is the Ritner Highway and Allen Road area. This area is mainly comprised of small, studio two-bedroom or medium-sized homes, but there are larger homes available. Most of these homes were built before 1939. Young single professionals make up the majority of residents.

The Borough Center is significantly more affordable than other neighborhoods, making it one of the least expensive neighborhoods in the state. Here, you’ll find Dickinson college students and young singles living in apartment buildings, mostly built before 1939. Also located in the Borough Center is the Carlisle Historic District.

Also in the center are the High Street and York Road and High Street and College Street areas. Mostly young singles living in townhomes and apartments are found here, but there are also families and other age groups. A perk of living in these areas is that they’re walkable and popular for getting around on bikes.

The Carlisle Springs Road and F Street area is surrounded by the Schlusser and Dickinson College area to the north, east, and west, and is north of the High Street areas. The suburban area is filled with mixed ages, generally living in medium-sized homes or studio two-bedroom single-family homes. A majority of the schools in the Carlisle Area School District are also found in this neighborhood.

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