Philadelphia Eagles Score Against Hunger

Eagles football team helps with hunger drive

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Food drives for the hungry have the best of intentions, but often the results are cans of food that are high in sodium and low in nutrition. The Philadelphia Eagles are working to change that dynamic with the first-ever online food drive with fresh produce, enabling Eagles fans across the country to donate healthy food to those who need it most this holiday season. The drive runs until Friday, Nov. 29. Visit to participate and click the “Donate To This Drive!” button to purchase healthy food. At the end of the drive, all donated food will be delivered to the pantries. “Unfortunately, too many people in our community go without the proper food choices and essential supplies needed on a day-to-day basis,” said Christina Weiss Lurie, president Eagles Youth Partnership, Eagles Social Responsibility. “After partnering with the Coalition Against Hunger on the Green Light Pantry, we knew that healthy, affordable food options were needed. YouGiveGoods reached out to us about creating a food drive and we emphasized our desire to incorporate only healthy food choices. They were kind enough to create the solution we were looking for and we are very excited to get started.” Food pantries offer invaluable support to the hungry, but often the food provided lacks nutritional value. This online food drive will enable participants to select fresh fruit and fresh vegetables to donate. Fresh fruit will include apples and oranges; fresh vegetables will consist of sweet potatoes and cabbage. More traditional food drive staples like pasta and rice will also be available, as YouGiveGoods expands its offerings with this exciting, new campaign. "There is a growing awareness that the best way to help the hungry is with healthy food, not just any food. We’re thrilled to launch this program, especially with the organizations that have signed on to participate,” said Patrick O'Neill, CEO & Co-Founder, YouGiveGoods. "With a partner like the Philadelphia Eagles, these initial drives will help us with what we need to know in order to make raising healthier foods the standard, rather than the exception."



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