A Central Location Makes Warwick A Best Bet for New England Newcomers

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Warwick, RI Harbor
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Central Rhode Island offers the perfect solution for newcomers looking for the history and charm of a small New England town without giving up the comforts and conveniences of the East Coast’s big cities.

Along with a low crime rate, good school system and thriving arts and cultural scene, Warwick and Central Rhode Island’s location ranks high among its amenities. Boston can be reached in less than an hour.

Newport’s beaches and mansions are minutes away. New York City is about a three-hour drive. And winter skiing is less than two hours away. Conway Tours and Gray Line of Rhode Island has long appreciated its location.

The third-generation company started in 1926 to shuttle Woonsocket workers to local mills and back home. Today it takes travelers on dozens of day trips, overnight adventures and chartered trips throughout New England and beyond. Budget-conscious travelers and commuters have discovered the “hub and spoke” technique works well from Central Rhode Island.

Travelers can stay at less-expensive “hub” hotels, then “spoke” out to day trips in Boston and New York City. And residents can take advantage of the area’s relatively low housing prices while commuting to city jobs.



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