Whether Surf or Turf, Warwick Restaurants Serve Up the Best of Rhode Island Cuisine

Shake the sand out of your swimsuit and get in line for two Rhode Island favorites – Iggy’s Doughboys and The Crow’s Nest.

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Warwick, RI

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Rolling in the Doughboys

Shake the sand out of your swimsuit and get in line for a Rhode Island favorite – a scrumptious doughboy. No, not the giggling Pillsbury kind – the fresh-from-the-fryer Iggy’s kind.

Iggy’s Doughboys and Chowder House has been the prime beach stop in Warwick since Gaetano and Sally Gravino took over the tiny beach stand in 1989. The original beach stand was built in 1924, survived two hurricanes, and now the restaurant still stands on the original foundation.

Famous for the “fried dough dipped in sugar” delight, Iggy’s would serve the palm-sized snack to customers lined up for yards until they added a dining room and outdoor patio seating.

Serving up fresh clam cakes, chowder, sandwiches, salads, burgers and everything else a starving beach bum could want, all made to order, the owners attribute the restaurant’s popularity to the quality of the food.

Menu Fit for a Mariner

Ask for a good place to eat in Central Rhode Island and you’ll most likely be directed to The Crow’s Nest. Overlooking Apponaug Cove, the popular seafood restaurant is nautical from its extensive seafood menu to the pictures of area lighthouses gracing the walls and the boat signs hanging over the bar.

But it is The Crow’s Nest well-prepared and reasonably priced chowders, steamers and other fresh seafood – along with some steak and chicken dishes – that keep the 110 seats filled. Diners “can get anything on the menu, anytime” – a fact that’s attracted a solid group of loyal customers. Lobster rolls are a year-round favorite choice, although the generous fisherman’s platter is tempting, too.



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