Neighborhoods in Florence, SC

Florence County remains one of the fastest-growing areas in South Carolina for real estate sales.

On Thursday, April 28, 2011 - 17:16
Florence, SC

With its strong economy and strategic location, Florence County remains one of the fastest-growing areas in South Carolina for real estate sales.


Steady Prices

The city seemed to have escaped the real estate bubble felt in other parts of the country, so housing prices here did not increase or decline drastically. And they’ve enjoyed a healthy appreciation for the past 10 years.


Appealing Environment
It’s the kind of environment that is attracting both young families and professionals as well as retirees looking for a mild climate and affordable housing options. And they find it in golf communities like The Traces and Florence Country Club as as well as a wide range of planned developments, condominiums and townhouses.

Young professionals are lured by the great employment opportunities. Florence County has done a tremendous job in recruiting new business and industry to the area, and it is helping fuel the strong real estate market.

Many relocate from metropolitan areas in search of a more family-friendly lifestyle. Florence’s excellent school system, arts scene and abundant outdoor recreation options offer the quality of life these newcomers are looking for.


Downtown Renewal

A multi-pronged branding initiative to market the downtown district and bring consistency to the message is paying dividends, with new attractions, new housing opportunities and a renewed vibrancy. More than 20 buildings recently were designated part of a state historic district, and more buildings are marked for either renovation or preservation.


As city leaders capitalize on the city’s aesthetics, businesses are able to attract more employees to the area.The changes cater to a demographic cornucopia, with hot new nightspots attracting young professionals and varied entertainment options bringing in families.


As for residential development, Coit Village is a new apartment complex at Darlington and Coit streets, and a number of building owners have expressed interest in adding upstairs loft apartments to their properties.