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Stäubli is at the Forefront of Technology

Innovation is the driving force behind global mechatronics leader Stäubli.

By Livability on September 14, 2021

Courtesy of Stäubli

Robots, cobots and autonomous mobile robots. Sounds like the makings of a sci-fi movie. But these are just some of the products that the Stäubli Corporation manufactures in Upstate South Carolina.

Stäubli North America was established in 1980 to take advantage of the large textile industry in the Carolinas.

Today, the company has four operating divisions and a 120,000-square-foot facility with more than 200 employees that will soon be even larger.

The 129-year-old Switzerland-based firm has strategic North American locations in Mexico, California and the newest facility, which opened in 2018 in Novi, Michigan.

Courtesy of Stäubli

Roger Varin, CEO of Stäubli North America, oversees operations from its headquarters in Duncan.

“Our executive committee continues to emphasize the U.S. market as a key area for growth,” Varin explains.

“Being located in the Upstate gives us access to varied manufacturing bases, which are substantial in the Southeast. We are expanding our investments here in terms of people, equipment and manufacturing space.”

Stäubli’s diverse product lines serve a variety of industries, including automotive, aerospace, alternative energies, pharmaceutical, medical, plastics and food.

The company’s global operations manufacture products from hydraulic couplings to thermal liquid cooling couplings, primarily used in data centers and electric vehicles. Stäubli is a market leader for electrical connectors in photovoltaics, which are used in solar panel assemblies.

Courtesy of Stäubli

It also produces more complex products such as multitasking assembly robots and AGVs (automated guided vehicles). In fact, Stäubli is the only manufacturer in the world to combine the core competencies of robotics and AGVs.

Stäubli has been making innovative leaps in automation for over three decades.

The customer base for these custom machines includes well-known industrial businesses, from airplane construction firms to manufacturers of plastics, agricultural machinery, rail vehicles and automobiles.

“Stäubli not only produces robots, cobots and AMRs (autonomous mobile robots) but a broad spectrum of AGVs to suit diverse industry needs,” Varin says.

“As manufacturing technology evolves toward an increasing amount of automation and software-based processes, Stäubli’s focus is squarely on staying at the forefront of that evolution,” he adds.

Courtesy of Stäubli

Stäubli’s main product lines also include textile weaving machines, which Varin says make up a significant portion of the North American market. One major product line is the automotive airbags, which are almost exclusively woven by his company’s machines.

“We pride ourselves on being innovators,” Varin says. “We work with many global companies, including some of the largest automotive and electric vehicle producers, pharmaceutical manufacturers and consumer packaged goods companies, and we strive to give our customers a great return on their investment.”

By the Numbers:

  • 5,500 employees worldwide
  • 2,100 granted or pending patents 
  • 600 R&D specialists and application engineers
  • 29 countries with business units

Staubli Corporation is manufacturing high-tech products for various industries in Duncan, SC.

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