State Initiative Links South Carolina Life Sciences Innovators

South Carolina's life science players are well connected, thanks to the nation's only statewide biomedical research collaborative.

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South Carolina Life Sciences

From major universities to promising startups, South Carolina’s life science players are well connected thanks to the nation’s only statewide biomedical research collaborative.

Columbia-based Health Sciences South Carolina is transforming the state’s public health and economic well being by harnessing the power of research.

“Newcomers here have connectivity that in another state would be regional or local,” says Jay Moskowitz, Ph.D., president of HSSC.

Partners include the state’s six largest health systems, three major universities (Clemson University, the Medical University of South Carolina and the University of South Carolina) and companies of all sizes.

Among HSSC’s greatest achievements is the statewide implementation of electronic medical records, now used by more than 1,200 South Carolina physicians.

“The switch will help us research not only patients at major medical centers, but people who aren’t normally in clinical studies, such as rural and underrepresented groups,” Moskowitz says.

A second accomplishment is the establishment of a statewide clinical data warehouse. Now in its third year, the CDW comprises a range of components, each of which will play a crucial role in managing, organizing, and providing useful access to the patient data generated by HSSC’s collaborating hospitals.
HSSC also participates in the South Carolina SmartState™ Program, which creates Centers of Economic Excellence in research areas that will advance the state’s economy.

Spinoff company Cephos Corp.  is now marketing patented brain imaging technology developed by the Brain Imaging Center of Economic Excellence as the most advanced brain-imaging techniques for scientifically accurate lie detection.

Another game changer is SimTunes, a spinoff of the Center of Economic Excellence in Clinical Effectiveness and Patient Safety, now creating educational material for use in health-care simulation training.


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