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8 Reasons to Move to Myrtle Beach, SC

Need more reasons than sand, sun and golf? Well, here they are.

By Susanna Pilny on May 11, 2016

Myrtle Beach South Carolina
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Myrtle Beach is one giant playground for tourists, featuring an amalgam of fun theme parks, extreme sports, water parks, and more that draw in families from all over. But locals love it, too—although not always for the same reasons. Here are a few of the reasons why a tourist might end up becoming a local.

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1. Beach

Did you know that there are 60 uninterrupted miles of gorgeous beaches in Myrtle Beach? Which means that the city is great not only for swimming and sunbathing, but for sailing, fishing, paddle boarding, and more. The beaches are well-kept, the sand is soft, the waves are gentle—what more could you ask for?

2. Golf

Myrtle Beach happens to be the golf capital of the world—and it’s no wonder why. There are more than 100 golf courses in the area. There are even 30 mini golf courses, and the US Pro Mini Golf Tour holds its annual championship at Hawaiian Rumble in North Myrtle Beach. Even better, all these courses stay open year-round, thanks to Myrtle Beach’s mild climate.

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3. Festivals

You’ll pretty much never be bored, because there’s always one festival or another going on in Myrtle Beach. For example, there’s the Blue Crab Festival, Oktoberfest, Mayfest on Main, the Beach Boogie and BBQ Festival, Wine Fest, Little River Shrimp & Jazz Festival, and the Loris Bog-Off, as well as multiple oyster roasts and concerts.

4. Lotsa Jobs

More than 15 million tourists visit Myrtle Beach every year, which in turn has created more than 75,000 jobs in the tourism industry. Plus, with the large number of retirees in the area, healthcare is a major concern for residents—meaning there are several award-winning medical centers also available for work.

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5. Weather/sunshine

Myrtle Beach get 215 days of sunshine every year, meaning you actually have enough time to enjoy all the city has to offer. Plus, the average temperature is 74 degrees, with an average high of 57-60 degrees in winter—meaning shoveling snow is no longer a major focus of your life. And when the weather heats up in the summer, there’s always a nice sea breeze to cool you down.

6. Nightlife

Families may have the tendency to rule Myrtle Beach during the day, but at night the grown-ups tend to come out to play. The Grand Strand in particular heats up at night, and there’s a bit of nightlife for everyone, from two-story clubs to quaint pubs.

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7. Pro-business climate

Forbes Magazine consistently ranks South Carolina among the top pro-business states, as it offers both the lowest income tax in the southeast paired with no inventory tax. The state also offers incentives for business including exemptions, abatements, moratoriums, credits, and reductions for new or expanding companies.

8. Sense of community

While Myrtle Beach is a large town, the locals place a big emphasis on getting involved in the community. There are many religious organizations, professional associations, community service groups, medical facilities, and more than 50 art organizations that are always looking for more volunteers.

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