Explore Brentwood's Cal Turner Farm

Cal Turner Farm in Brentwood, TN is an iconic landmark in the town and offers a great Christmas display every year.

On Thursday, April 28, 2011 - 23:19
Brentwood, TN

You can't miss the Cal Turner farm. The green barn, the towering silo and the sprawling 168-acres of open land certainly catch the eye of travelers on the ever-developing Franklin Road.


The land is owned by one man, former Dollar General CEO Cal Turner Jr., but ask almost anyone in Brentwood and they'll say they consider the land their own. The iconic Green Pastures farm has belonged to Turner since the early 90's, along with its adjoining 411 acres, and its green pastures have become a familiar site to Brentwood residents and travelers.


Perhaps its most noticeable display comes every winter. The Turner's adorn the roof of the old green barn with a nativity scene, painted in blue with a shining star, and of course, a few farm animals looking on. The roof scene has become a Christmas staple around Brentwood, as important to ushering in the season as tree lightings and trips to Santa's lap.


In addition to jump-starting the Christmas season, the barn boards over 160 horses for various Brentwood residents. But the future of the farm remains unclear, and many fear that the city's most treasured farm could turn into one of the many real estate developments popping up all around town. Residents can sleep easy; Turner remains satisfied with the farm as-is, and immediate change doesn't seem to be in the near future.


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