Soccer in Brentwood, TN

Soccer Leagues in Brentwood, TN have developed through indoor facilities and outdoor fields.

On Thursday, April 28, 2011 - 23:55
Brentwood, TN

On any given Saturday, no less than 6,000 Williamson County children are pulling up their shin guards and lacing their cleats on soccer fields throughout Brentwood and Franklin. That adds up to a lot of soccer balls being kicked around the fields. Luckily, the county has plenty of places to play.

The Williamson County Soccer Association Complex’s 25 outdoor fields and the Franklin Indoor Arena combine with Brentwood's 28,000-square-foot Indoor Arena at Crockett Park to create a young soccer player's dream community. The Indoor Arena at Crockett Park offers a year-round venue for programming and games.

The arena’s regulation-size, artificial turf field not only serves as a competitive setting for adult and children’s soccer leagues, but also for lacrosse and flag football clubs. The 29,000-square-foot arena seats 195 spectators and boasts high ceilings, indirect lighting, netting spe­cially designed to accommodate different sports and a recessed court with glass dasher boards (think hockey arena), allowing spectators an up-close-and-personal view of the action.

The 60-yard by 30-yard playing floor mimics real turf, which helps players develop their outdoor playing skills. In addition, the facility contains a programming room suitable for birthday parties or league meetings, restrooms and concession stands.

The Brentwood arena was financed with $1.5 million from the city of Brentwood and $1.5 million from Williamson County. Brentwood donated the land and the water, gas and sewer lines‚ and the county will take care of the arena’s day-to-day maintenance.

Brentwood also is home to one of Tennessee's most successful soccer clubs: The Brentwood Soccer Club. The club was formed in 1985 to create an environment that required licensed and paid coaches‚ instead of volunteers. In such an environment‚ players could improve their skills‚ compete against similar soccer clubs‚ and have a chance to make a competitive travel team while becoming eligible for Olympic Development Programs.

In most cases‚ kids can play for their schools while also playing for the club teams‚ with the exception of high school players playing for club travel teams. The TSSAA does not allow players to travel for another club during the season.

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