The Chill Spot Restaurant in Brentwood, TN

An Asian restaurant known for its wraps, sandwiches and bubble tea.

On Tuesday, June 5, 2012 - 09:03
Brentwood, TN

The Chill Spot, a laid-back cafe, is known for its fresh wrap sandwiches and a unique drink called bubble tea.

"Bubble tea is a drink from Taiwan that was first created to get kids to drink tea because of its health benefits," says Zindan Berwary, who owns Chill Spot with his brother, Jerwan.

"They added flavorings and tapioca pearls to the tea. The pearls are gummy and sink to the bottom of the glass, so you chew them while you're drinking through a straw. It's like chewing a Gummi Bear."

Formerly known as Elena's Cafe, Chill Spot is just one of the many locally owned restaurants that give Brentwood its one-of-a-kind flavor. The Berwary family of Northern Iraq took over ownership of the popular eatery in October 2008 and changed the name to Chill Spot in July 2009 to reflect its laid-back atmosphere.

In addition to bubble tea and tasty wraps, the place is known for ethnic platters prepared by Zindan and Jerwan's mother, Zehra. "Nothing gets cooked without that special touch only moms can give," Zindan says.

One of Chill Spot's specials is Mama's Vegan Cabbage Rolls, which are stuffed with rice, veggies and herbs and topped with taztiki sauce. The borscht is another favorite. "It's one of the things we kept from Elena's Cafe," Zindan says. "It's a Russian soup with lots of beef, carrots, cabbage, onions and potatoes."

Chill Spot's wraps come in dozens of varieties and are stuffed to order with chicken, steak, fish, fruits, nuts and greens.

"People love the Philly Cheese Steak Wrap and the Cherry Chicken Wrap," Zindan says. "The Cherry Chicken has grilled chicken, walnuts, dried cherries, lettuce and cranberry citrus vinaigrette in a tomato basil wrap."

For fans of the Far East‚ Fulin’s Asian Cuisine has made a mark on the culinary scene. “We weren’t sure if it would be successful‚ but it turned out to be very successful‚” says Sam Chin‚ regional manager for G.L. Restaurant Management Corp.‚ which owns Fulin’s.

“We saw a need for authentic Chinese and Japanese cuisine with a great ambiance and first-class service. For people who don’t get to visit China‚ we want them to know it’s not just sweet and sour chicken and chop suey – it’s very diversified.

“We have two menus – one is in Chinese with delicacies Chinese customers love to have‚” Chin adds. “Our Fulin Lamb is very good with a special sweet sauce. The lamb is very tender‚ sautéed with vegetables and served with rice.” One of Fulin’s most popular dishes is the Crispy Shrimp with Honey Walnuts‚ jumbo deep-fried shrimp slathered with the chef’s sweet creamy sauce and garnished with walnuts.

“We’d like to be a bridge to connect American people with Chinese food and culture‚” Chin says.

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