Brentwood, TN Residents are Healthy and Active

Brentwood, TN is known for it's active lifestyle which includes many parks, races, and expos that encourage healthy living.

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Concord Park in Brentwood, TN
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A big reason why the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure was moved from Nashville to Brentwood in 2009 was because so many organizers of the event live in Brentwood.

“On October 1, 2011, Brentwood will host this race for the third consecutive year to raise money for breast cancer research,” says Brentwood Mayor Betsy Crossley. “The event is held at Maryland Farms each year, which is a great place to host such an outdoor recreation spectacle.”

Brentwood Parks Encompass 900 Acres

Crossley points out that Brentwood has dozens of other outdoor activities and venues that are ideal for recreation enthusiasts. In fact, right now the city oversees 900 acres that encompass nine public parks, with three more parks scheduled to open in the near future.

One of those upcoming venues is the 320-acre Marcella Vivrette Smith Park situated off Wilson Pike. That particular property will also include the historic Ravenswood home.

“Meanwhile, an eleventh park measuring 20 acres is being planned along General McArthur Drive, and a twelfth park has been earmarked for 22 acres at the end of Virginia Way, Maryland Farms and Granny White Pike,” Crossley says. “Once all of the 12 parks are up and running, Brentwood will have a total of 41 square miles of park land. A lot of communities will never develop such a park system like we have, but Brentwood had the foresight to begin working on this 20 years ago.”

Brentwood Plans Dog Park, Bike Paths

Crossley adds that the city is also planning to add a dog park inside one of its existing parks during 2011, and Brentwood is also working with Nolensville officials to help set up that city’s greenway system.

“Ideally, I would like to eventually see the entire city of Brentwood connected by bike paths, plus the east and west sides of Concord Road need to be developed as outdoor recreation spots,” she says. “And when new neighborhoods and even commercial areas are built these days and in the future, we will make sure that sidewalks are installed to promote walking and other healthy activities.”

Dave Bunt, director of Brentwood Parks and Recreation, says the public parks continue year-after-year to be some of the most utilized facilities in all of Brentwood.

“People are so busy all the time and they want a place to relax when they do have spare time,” Bunt says. “They want to ride bikes or play sports and there just aren't a lot of places to do that unless you go to a park. For Brentwood residents, we have several.”

Brentwood Chamber Hosts Healthy Expo

This active and healthy lifestyle in Brentwood is celebrated each year at a Healthy Living and Lifestyles Expo, sponsored by the Brentwood Cool Springs Chamber of Commerce. The two-day expo in October is designed to educate Williamson County residents on better ways to enhance their health, fitness and quality of life, and many health-related industries are always in attendance.

“Brentwood continues to be an active and healthy city, which is obviously the way to be,” Crossley says.

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