Brentwood's Boiling Spring Academy

Boiling Spring Academy in Brentwood, TN brings schoolhouse history from past to present.

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Boiling Spring Academy in Brentwood, TN
Brian McCord

If history is your cup of tea, try taking a trip to Boiling Spring Academy. The restored one room school house offers a taste of life before lockers and cafeteria lunches, bringing the past back to meet students of the present.


Built in 1830 in Primm Historic Park, Boiling Spring Academy wasn't the first historic landmark to occupy the land. Previously, the Park had been home to a prehistoric Native American burial mound known today as Fewkes Site. Not surprisingly, the park is home to some of the most important historical resources in Tennessee, encompassing two important periods in the state's history.


The academy sat vacant for a long period of time, used occasionally as a storage barn, until 2003 when the Primm family donated the land containing the academy to the City of Brentwood. The school was restored and reopened to a new class – a class of third graders.


The third grade historical program now centers around the Boiling Spring Academy, open each fall and spring to Brentwood students and taught by retired teachers. The students get the full experience, from the pinafore skirts and suspenders to the penmanship and arithmetic. The visit lasts only a day, but the lesson may just last a lifetime. It's estimated that 900 students and their families are impacted by the program every year.


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