Brentwood Town Center Expansion

Brentwood, TN Town Center expanded its boundaries by 4 miles in all directions.

On Thursday, April 28, 2011 - 08:05

Brentwood Town Center is becoming quite a site to see.

The Brentwood City Commission passed an amendment in late 2010 to expand the Town Center boundaries by a half mile in all four directions, in order to attract more commercial ventures. The boundaries previous to the amendment were the Williamson County/Davidson County boundary line to the north, Interstate 65 to the east, Church Street to the south and East Park Drive to the west.

“There were 35 property owners with small tracts prior to the expansion, and Town Center can now attract bigger commercial endeavors,” says Mike Walker, Brentwood city manager.

Another part of the amendment allows greater flexibility regarding underground parking garages for companies.

“Also, buildings up to now could only be four stories tall but they can be six stories in the future – depending on topography,” Walker says. “If they are on a low spot of land, they can be six stories, but not as tall if they're built on higher land. And with the option for taller buildings, hotels can now be built in Town Center.”

By the way, H.G. Hill supermarket company recently purchased vacated Murray Ohio factory property, and Walker says there is a good possibility the grocer could eventually develop the Murray Ohio site as part of Brentwood Town Center.

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