Reasons to Move to Brentwood, TN

Quality-of-life amenities and excellent schools make this Tennessee city a great place to live

Kevin Litwin
On Sunday, July 1, 2012 - 17:05
Brentwood, TN

Why do people move to Brentwood or Cool Springs, Tennessee? There are plenty of good reasons, and here are some of them.

Great Quality of Life

Ask Brentwood/Cool Springs residents what they prize most about their communities and you’ll hear about gorgeous countryside‚ beautiful homes‚ good schools‚ efficient government‚ convenient location and great shopping. In Brentwood, the comfortable quality of life has kept the city growing and thriving, even as affluent communities around the country are feeling the pinch of stagnating housing starts and flattened housing appreciation.

Steady Appreciation

Housing in Brentwood maintains its steady appreciation‚ with the median home price in Brentwood averaging nearly $405,000 in 2010. As for homes for sale, Brentwood properties in August 2010 were listed at an average selling price of $610,000. Many country music stars and sports celebrities make their homes in Brentwood, and so do corporate executives. The city is still averaging about 450 new housing starts a year, and many new homes also offer decent tracts of land.

Build Out by 2016

The projected build-out of Brentwood is 2016, and the city has a 2016 visioning plan based on eight major goals. They are: environmental conservation‚ recreation and scenic protection, retirement provisions, commercial provisions, mobility provisions, residential and service institutional provisions, community identity provisions, and growth management provisions.

Great Place to Retire

Money named Brentwood one of the Best Places to Retire in the United States. The magazine points out that seniors are more active these days‚ and there are many extracurricular opportunities within the city. Health care in Brentwood and Cool Springs is excellent, and the communities are close to big-city arts and entertainment. There are also YMCAs‚ libraries and a top senior gathering spot (FiftyForward Martin Center) close by.


Two local retirement communities are The Heritage at Brentwood, which offers 17 different floor plans along its 48 acres on Concord Road; and NHC Place Cool Springs, which is home to The Assisted Living Center for residents of varying independence levels‚ and The Health Center for residents who need more medical care.


Kevin Litwin is the author of Crazy Lucky Dead and a freelance feature writer with a career spanning more than 20 years.