Maury County Has a Robust Transportation Network

Maury County Regional Airport is part of an excellent transportation system that Maury County has in place.

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Columbia, TN
Michael D. Tedesco

Target and Walmart executives use it regularly, and clothing officials from Goody's used it often in recent months as they opened in the Columbia Mall.

Maury County Regional Airport is part of a robust transportation network that Maury County has in place. The airport serves the needs of area business and industry by accommodating both corporate passengers and freight.

“We have technologically advanced instrumentation on site along with heated hangars and aircraft maintenance services, and 42 planes are based here,” says Paul Turner, manager of Maury County Regional Airport. “There are two runways including a 6,000-foot runway that has the capacity to land DC-9 jets as well as private planes. One of Vanderbilt’s Lifeflight helicopters is also based here.”

In 2011, the airport installed self-service fuel pumps for pilots who use the facility after hours, and a renovation to hangars is currently taking place.

“Once the renovations are complete and the hangars are full of planes again, we will begin construction on even more hangars,” Turner says. “We also recently remodeled our terminal building and have an on-site restaurant that is open to the entire community for lunch each day.”

Road to Success

Meanwhile, Maury County’s central location and its logistical highway advantages have helped several local businesses successfully grow their distribution networks. For example, Home Depot operates a large distribution center in Columbia where trucks have easy access to U.S. Highway 31 and Interstate 65, while Porter-Walker LLC has utilized its ideal Maury County location to help the company become a leading Southeast distributor of industrial tools and safety maintenance supplies.

Likewise, Brooks Machine Company Inc. in Columbia machines and fabricates parts and then distributes finished products by trucks to industries throughout the Southeast area.

“The future for logistics and distribution in Maury County is getting even brighter as the national economy starts to turn around,” says Brandom Gengelbach, president of Maury Alliance. “For example, Columbia being located at I-65 is making wholesale warehousing a big aspect of businesses we are looking to attract. Plus, Maury County has U.S. Route 412, along with a four-way bypass that offers easy access through Columbia and into Mt. Pleasant.”

Close to Interstate 840

Gengelbach adds that just north of Maury County is Interstate 840 that links trucks to the highly traveled Interstate 40.

“Maury County’s easy access to I-840 gives our community another distribution advantage,” he says. “I-840 eastbound offers trucking access to East Tennessee, North Carolina and Georgia, and the westbound portion of I-840 is currently completing construction and will open in 2012. That will provide ideal routes to Memphis, Arkansas and Texas.”

Well on Track

Gengelbach adds that Maury County is 30 miles south of Nashville and only a 40-minute drive to Nashville International Airport and the Port of Nashville on the Cumberland River.

“I-65 makes us well connected between the major commerce cities of Nashville and Huntsville,” he says. “Our community also has a good rail system in place with CSX Transportation and the Tennessee Southern Railroad. The rail lines connect our county with several parts of Middle Tennessee and North Alabama."



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