Maury County, TN Attracts Job Creators

Businesses of all size are growing in Maury County. Expanding companies have announced the creation of 900 jobs, bringing added momentum to the local economy.

Kevin Litwin
On Friday, May 18, 2012 - 04:00
Columbia, TN

Businesses of all sizes – from automaker General Motors to business process outsourcer TRG Customer Solutions – are opening new operations in Maury County and taking advantage of business-friendly attributes that make the county a magnet for new investment and job creation.

As a result, the Maury County Chamber & Economic Alliance, the county’s economic development organization, is on its way to meet or surpass its four-year goal of attracting 1,500 new jobs. Supporters of the organization are so energized that they quickly met their goal of raising $2.75 million to fund economic development efforts.

“Our organization is aligned, determined and now has the resources to get the job done,” says Randy Wilmore, past board chairman for the Maury Alliance.

Expanding businesses have announced the creation of 900 jobs, bringing added momentum to the local economy. Those jobs are in addition to the nearly 1,900 new jobs General Motors is creating at its former Saturn factory in Spring Hill.

“We’re in a better position in terms of economic development than we’ve ever been,” says Maury Alliance president Brandom Gengelbach.

GM Restarts Operations

The largest single announcement of new jobs was made by GM, which is transforming the Spring Hill factory where Saturn once made cars into a “flex facility.” The factory will build the popular Equinox crossover SUV and other vehicles as demand requires. At currently announced staffing levels, the Spring Hill facility will have approximately 3,000 workers, making it Maury County’s largest employer once again.

“Spring Hill has a history as one of GM’s most innovative and flexible plants," says Cathy Clegg, vice president of GM labor relations. "We’re pleased that, working together with the UAW, we were able to build on that history and develop a plan to resume production at Spring Hill."

GM has been present in Maury County for more than 20 years, but TRG represents a new kind of employer for the area. The company, a leading global business process outsourcing provider of customer management solutions and technologies, is creating 300 jobs at its new call center in Spring Hill. It is located in the Northfield Building, previously used as Saturn’s headquarters.

Growth in Manufacturing, Auto Production

Auto parts supplier IB Tech is also growing in Maury County. The company selected Mount Pleasant as the site of its new production facility, where it eventually expects to create 385 jobs.

“The location, support from community leaders, solid workforce and great facility in Mount Pleasant (were) key in our selection process,” says IB Tech vice president John Freundner.

Sekisui Plastics USA, which manufactures foam resin polymers used in automobile assemblies, recently expanded its Mount Pleasant operation, investing $3 million and adding 50,000 square feet. The expansion will eventually create 25 new jobs.

Integrity Nutraceuticals, which imports nutraceuticals from India and China and sells its finished products to retailers, has leased a building previously occupied by Delphi to make room for expansion. The company moved to Maury County from Florida in 2007.

“We drew a circle on a map around Nashville [during the site selection process]," president Tim Romero says. "What it came down to was the availability of property and where we wanted to live." 


Kevin Litwin is the author of Crazy Lucky Dead and a freelance feature writer with a career spanning more than 20 years.