A Central Location and Attractive Amenities Have Knoxville Primed for Business

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Nestled in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains, the city of Knoxville offers an interesting study in contrasts. A strong commitment to preserving its Appalachian heritage is complemented by a decidedly progressive focus on growth and development.

It’s All About Location

Major players such as Eagle Automotive Inc., Lockheed Martin Energy Systems Inc. and Aluminum Company of America chose Knoxville for its strategic location. With three major interstates (I-40, I-75 and I-81), a close proximity to major economic markets such as Atlanta, Nashville and Charlotte, as well as a position along the Tennessee River, Knoxville sees its fair share of traffic – and business. And because it’s home to major educational and research institutions – including the University of Tennessee and the Oak Ridge National Laboratory – the area is also widely recognized as a center for research and technology. With a low cost of living, cutting-edge education system and ample residential opportunities, Knoxville is an appealing choice for relocating families and businesses.

A Partnership Worth Having

When it comes to economic vitality, the Knoxville Area Chamber Partnership is concerned with more than just strong, well-paying jobs. The chamber and its partner businesses begin work at a fundamental level -- in the schools -- because members believe that a great public education is the cornerstone of economic vitality. To that end, the Partnership provides leadership education one day a month to teachers to let them know what skills employers are looking for. The chamber is also concerned with making sure Knoxville's quality of life is attractive to potential businesses looking to relocate – from clean air in the Smokies to culture and arts in the community. But Knoxville’s greatest strength may lie in its ability to grow and reinvent itself while maintaining its unique character. It seems the rest of the nation is finally recognizing what locals have always known – Knoxville is a great place to live and work.



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