Lebanon Best Restaurant: Cherokee Steak House

Cherokee Steak House is a favorite restaurant in Lebanon.

On Wednesday, July 25, 2012 - 15:38

Lebanon’s Cherokee Steak House is a family-owned establishment that has been a cherished local eatery for more than 50 years. Situated on the shore of the Old Hickory Lake, Cherokee Steak House is popular destination for boaters looking for a meal on land.

While the atmosphere is lovely, the food is the big draw for customers. The restaurant’s famous steaks are cut on site, but that service doesn’t drive up the price. The menu’s most expensive steaks are a 16-ounce ribeye and a beef tenderloin filet, both of which are around 20 bucks. All main courses at Cherokee Steak House are accompanied by a steak, dinner rolls and choice of side.

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