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Nisus Corporation is Doing Great Things

Nisus Corporation is committed to making environmentally responsible products.

By Livability on October 7, 2021

Nisus Corporation lab workers
Courtesy of Nisus Corporation

When team members at Nisus Corporation aren’t making environmentally superior pest control and wood preservative products and agricultural micronutrients, they are busy giving their time, energy and resources to make the Blount County region a great place to live. 

It’s all part of Nisus’ commitment to being a successful company while helping the community succeed. 

“When people come to Blount County, we want them to have a good feeling about Nisus and what we do in the community,” says President and CEO Kevin L.Kirkland. 

That commitment has made Nisus the employer of choice for its staff of 70 people. It has also made the Rockford-based company an international success. 

Kevin Kirkland of NISUS
Courtesy of Nisus Corporation

Nisus has experienced constant growth since its beginning in 1990 and sells more than 30 products around the world. The company is building a third warehouse at its Rockford campus. 

“Our products are used to protect wood-like utility poles and railroad ties in our infrastructure,” Kirkland says. “We also make professional pest control products that help protect the health and property of families and businesses. 

“Nisus products actually work better than competing products and have a far superior environmental profile,” he adds. “I believe companies today have a responsibility to protect the environment, but at the end of the day, the products have to work. Our team of PhD-level scientists is dedicated to making that happen.” 

“When people come to Blount County, we want them to have a good feeling about Nisus and what we do in the community.” 

Kevin Kirkland, President & CEO 

That started with Nisus’ original product, Bora-Care, a preservative that controls termites and wood-boring pests. Bora-Care, which is applied directly to the wood of homes and other structures, has prevented 600 million gallons of termiticide from being pumped into the soil. 

Nisus is the sole U.S. supplier of copper naphthenate, which replaces pentachlorophenol as a preservative on utility poles and creosote on railroad ties. Another product, Niban, kills harmful insects without posing any threat to bees, butterflies and other pollinators. 

“We’re doing some great things for the environment,” Kirkland says. 

Nisus also does great things for the Rockford-area community. Employees participate in charitable events, including Shop with a Cop of Blount County, the Salvation Army’s Angel Tree and the annual Eddie Check prostate PSA level screening. 

Nisus Corporation workers
Courtesy of Nisus Corporation

The event is named in honor of Kirkland’s father, who died of prostate cancer. 

“Every year we meet people who found prostate cancer because of the event,” Kirkland says. 

Eddie Check also includes the largest annual blood drive in Knoxville. Nisus employees volunteer for the event. 

Nisus raises funds for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) and supports Mission of Hope, which sends volunteers into poor Appalachian communities. 

When asked why giving back is in Nisus’ DNA, Kirkland says there are a couple of factors. 

“First, is that when people come to work at Nisus, I believe they immediately realize it’s not all about the money,” Kirkland explains. “They see how we treat each other; they see our concern for families, for those less fortunate and for the community, and I think they are encouraged and want to help as well. Secondly, we hire great people and we pay them well. When people are paid well, they have the resources they need to take care of their families and are able to use additional resources to help those in need. I think everyone wants to help those in need, and we try to create an environment the allows them to do that.” 

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