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Lee Company: A Business with a Mission

Lee Company honors God in all of its work.

By Livability on September 13, 2021

Courtesy of Lee Company

The people who arrive at homes, businesses and construction sites across the region in Lee Company vehicles are doing more than providing innovative HVAC, plumbing and electrical services that are essential to modern life. 

They’re also expressing their faith by pursuing excellence, creating a place where employees and their families thrive and by giving back to the community. 

“One of our foundations is to honor God through our work. The second part is to create an environment where our employees thrive,” says Lee Company President & CEO Richard Perko. “We believe if we treat our employees as well as we want to be treated, they will go out and do a great job. That’s really our secret sauce.” 

For its staff of roughly 1,500 employees plus recruits, Lee Company is their employer of choice, where they can become more than they might have thought possible. 

Courtesy of Lee Company

Training and education help team members achieve their potential. Lee Company University, for example, provides free technical training while building toward a journeyman’s license in their chosen trade. 

“We created it to be a nationally accredited program,” Perko says. “They learn a skill set they can take with them anywhere.” 

“We aspire to help our employees become whatever they want to become, whatever they can become. Perhaps they never thought they could go so far in their career and life. It’s about being better husbands, wives, technicians,” he continues. 

At a time when there is a national shortage of skilled technicians, Lee Company’s residential and commercial customers have the support of well-trained tradespeople. 

In Rutherford County, clients include Ascension Saint Thomas Hospital, the county’s largest acute care provider; Nissan, which assembles 640,000 vehicles per year; and Vi-Jon, a maker of personal-care products. 

We believe if we treat our employees as well as we want to be treated, they will go out and do a great job. That’s really our secret sauce.” 

Richard Perko, Lee Company President & CEO 

Customers also benefit from smart technology. Designing projects virtually before construction begins shows how everything fits together and avoids conflicts. 

Modular construction means components arrive ready to install. Technicians in Lee Company’s Nashville fabrication shop bend 2 million pounds of sheet metal annually. Projects go faster, fewer people are needed on-site and fewer vehicles are on the road. 

“We’re focused on creating a value proposition,” Perko says. 

Courtesy of Lee Company

Lee Company employees are committed to giving back to the community, supporting more than 130 charities. Each year they participate in the Frosty Fun Run benefitting CASA of Rutherford County and sponsor and participate in the Rutherford County Heart Walk. Workers staff a water stop for “The Middle Half” Murfreesboro half-marathon. 

The company has a longstanding partnership with Blue Raider Athletics. Every time Middle Tennessee State University scores a touchdown, the company donates to Rutherford County Habitat for Humanity. Lee Company employees and football players from the university worked side by side to help build a Habitat house for a local family. 

“The company is family-owned, and we have a mission that goes beyond profits,” Perko concludes.

 Learn more at leecompany.com

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