Rutherford County Real Estate Market Remains Steady

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The Rutherford County real estate market is better than steady these days, and Rutherford remains the fastest-growing county in Tennessee. It is home to the cities of Murfreesboro, La Vergne and Eagleville, as well as the town of Smyrna and the unincorporated communities of Blackman, Lascassas and Waterhill. Here is a brief overview:


It is Tennessee's fastest growing major city and one of the fastest growing cities in the country, with a population increase from 46,000 to 69,000 between 1990 and 2000, and up to 106,000 today. Although Murfreesboro is sometimes considered a suburb of Nashville, it is far enough away (35 miles) and has a large enough population to maintain a separate identity from its larger neighbor.

In 2006, Murfreesboro was ranked by Money as one of the "Top 100 Places to Live in the United States". It has also become a major retail destination, attracting shoppers from a 10-county region.

La Vergne

The city is in a good location in northern Rutherford County, where growth has been steady since 2005. To encourage more commerce and residential expansion, the municipality lowered its impact fees in 2005 to give developers a break. La Vergne's population in 2010 is now 31,000 and the city has three elementary, two middle schools and one high school.

The city is also home to Lake Forest Estates, the largest residential development in all of Tennessee. It will eventually contain as many as 5,000 homes priced from $125,000 to $185,000.


The town of Smyrna has surpassed the 40,000 figure for population, and U.S. News & World Report has ranked Smyrna as one of the "Best Places in the United States to Retire". The town's economic future also appears bright given its strategic geographic location, with the availability of ample utilities and major transportation facilities making Smyrna attractive to business and industry.


Eagleville is a quintessential small city, with rolling hills and open fields in an age of urban sprawl. Its population is 527, and the median home value in Eagleville in 2010 is $148,000.




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