Fourth Capital Turns Visions Into Action

Fourth Capital Bank believes banking should be local, personal and mutually beneficial.

Cindy Sanders
On Monday, November 2, 2020 - 10:58
fourth capital

When you’re built differently, you can bank differently.

Fourth Capital was created on a foundational belief that banking should be local, personal and mutually beneficial. 

“It starts with the fact that we’re locally owned, privately held and have a long-term view,” explains President Brian Heinrichs. “We’re solely focused on this community.”

Owned by entrepreneur Gaylon Lawrence Jr., Fourth Capital was established from a set of virtues and principles that have laid the groundwork for a banking experience that benefits the customer and community, while entrusting bank associates to turn vision into action. 

“We’re working to build something sustainable for generations,” Heinrichs says of creating value for customers and the bank’s shareholder. “When your time horizon is long, you aren’t held captive to quarterly earnings or artificial targets. This affords us the ability to make the ‘right’ decisions for the long-term and pursue relationships and opportunities in which we can succeed by benefiting others. That’s a game changer in the way you can think and operate.” 

With a new headquarters in downtown Nashville and branch locations in Green Hills and Franklin, he says the bank shares the ideals of the community it serves with an emphasis on honesty, consistency, creativity and fairness.

While relationships are at the core, Heinrichs says that connection isn’t with just one person at Fourth Capital

“People have a relationship with our bank, not just with a banker – that’s an important distinction,” he points out, adding customers should come to expect consistency on how they operate, how they work with them and the shared values they live by. 

By staying focused on the four pillars of community banking – customers, associates, shareholder and community – Fourth Capital is building a different kind of value proposition. 

“We’re trying to create a bank that’s never been created before,” Heinrichs says. “We’re taking a holistic view, stripping out the hierarchy and creating an environment where ideas win.”

Fourth Capital's new branch and headquarters opened in Downtown Nashville in June in the Peabody Plaza Building. 

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