Cheekwood Botanical Gardens and Museum in Nashville, TN

Nashville's Cheekwood Botanical Gardens is family-friendly and attract visitors of all ages.

On Thursday, March 15, 2012 - 12:20
Nashville, TN

Cheekwood Botanical Garden and Museum of Art‚ which was built as an estate for Leslie and Mabel Cheek in 1932‚ has been open to the public since 1960.

Visitors have a variety of reasons to make the 55-acre site their destination‚ but they are bound to be lured by the botanical garden once they’ve arrived. Young and old can find solace – and a good bit of education – among all the plants‚ pools and fountains that make up Cheekwood’s gardens.

“Cheekwood’s botanical garden is enjoyed by more than 145‚000 people each year‚” says Leigh Anne Lomax‚ the botanical garden and horticulture manager for the west Nashville insti­tution. “Gardens inherently can be enjoyed by a diverse group of people. On any given day here‚ you can see children running around‚ a couple strolling in peace‚ a person sitting reading a book or someone else studying the flowers.

“Cheekwood attracts not only avid gardeners but also those who want to learn more about gardening or people trying to get ideas for their own gardens‚” she adds.

The botanical garden has a variety of gardens‚ each of which represents a particular group of plants or a unique style. It is also the site of several different garden shows and lectures that are sponsored by groups from around the region.

“Most of them are organized through the Horticultural Society of Middle Tennessee‚” Lomax says‚ “and they definitely have a following.”

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