Nashville, TN's Tennessee State University

Tennessee State University in Nashville is the only state-funded historically black university in Tennessee and consists of 5 colleges.

On Thursday, April 28, 2011 - 23:19
Tennessee State University in Nashville, TN

Tennessee students are well taken care of at Tennessee State University.

Founded in 1912, TSU has grown from its humble beginnings of 247 students to a national university, serving students from 42 different countries. Its substantial growth is due in part to its 1979 merger with the former University of Tennessee at Nashville campus.

TSU is the only state-funded historically black university in Tennessee, and was originally called the Agricultural and Industrial State Normal School. By the 1940s, the school had expanded to a full-fledged land-grant university, complete with a graduate school.

Today, TSU consists of five colleges, three schools and the Institute of Government, and offers 45 bachelor's degrees and 24 master's degrees. It maintains a relatively small size, with roughly 6,000 undergraduates and 1,500 graduate students, but its easy access to Nashville gives the small student body a lot of opportunity to enjoy a big city.

In addition to its main campus, TSU is home to the Avon Williams Campus located in downtown Nashville. This was the original site of the University of Tennessee at Nashville before the court-ordered merger between the schools. The merger proved not only to effect the two schools and the state of Tennessee, but the country as a whole, as it was the first time that a court in a higher education desegregation suit ordered a historically black college to take over a predominately white one.

Over the years the school has continued to break ground, and it seems that we can expect great things from Tennessee State University.

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