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Did you know that the direct use of natural gas is almost three times more efficient than electric? Switching to this highly efficient energy source could help you save almost $700 a year on your home’s energy costs.

For almost 60 years, ORUD Natural Gas has been safely delivering natural gas to more than 80% of the homes and businesses in Anderson and Roane counties.

Here’s five things you may not know about ORUD and the benefits of switching to natural gas:

1. Good for the Community: ORUD is a team player, partnering with community organizations and supporting their fundraisers and functions.  “We encourage our employees to serve on various community non-profit boards and committees, we host educational meetings to inform groups of the value of natural gas, we provide speakers at leadership gatherings and offer many appreciation events throughout the year, recognizing customers, first responders and others in the community,” says Sasha Benjamin, Vice President of External Affairs.

2. Excellent Value: Using natural gas in your home or business is an economical way to warm your home, heat your water, cook your food or make the products you sell to your customers, explains Sue Kristjansson, President/CEO. “Natural gas is not just an incredible value for the individual consumer, it is also a proven value to the national economy as the U.S. now exports more than it imports,” she says.

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3. Power’s Out? No Problem: When the power goes out, many natural gas appliances will work. You’ll still be able to take hot showers and stay warm with your natural gas appliances. You can even use your natural gas grill as a backup cooking resource during a power outage.

4. Tastier Food & Cozier Mood: Natural gas has some unique benefits, too. Food cooked on a natural gas stove is cooked more evenly. “You control the flame, so you control the flavor,” Kristjansson says. "Natural gas heat has a comfort level that people refer to as warmth, not just a temperature warmth but a coziness."

5. Growing with the Community: Anderson and Roane counties are expected to see significant residential and commercial growth. ORUD is working hard to make sure it can serve new customers by providing natural gas to their homes, businesses or both. “ORUD not only provides a great product, we have great people who are ready to help you with your natural gas needs,” Kristjansson says.

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