Best Places to Live

Burlington, VT

Population: 43,936
Kevin Young

If beautiful scenery, environmentally friendly efforts, and Ben & Jerry’s ice cream call to you, then Burlington, VT could be your place. With recreation options to fill the year (rain, snow or shine), the ultra hip Church St. Marketplace and a slew of lists claiming it as one of the top college towns, Burlington is a town where the younger population can thrive. Okay, you old folks can have fun here, too.

The Breakdown
City Population: 42,417
College(s): University of Vermont, Champlain College, Burlington College, Community College of Vermont, Saint Michael’s College
Cool Factors: Outdoor-oriented, active green movement, skiing, snowboarding, dog sledding, Church St. Marketplace, bike friendly, Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Factory
Benefits: Family friendly, green city, bike friendly, short commute time, mild summer

Last Year's Rank: 8

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