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Bloomington, IN

Population: 82,813
Photo: Visit Bloomington

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Bloomington, IN, is ground zero for Hoosier fans. Home of Indiana University, the city reaps the benefits of having a large, prestigious college. Those benefits include some of the best men's basketball games in the country, theater programs, research facilities and, of course, places to party.

Bloomington offers many activities to explore and enjoy the great outdoors. Three lakes provide chances to fish, canoe and water ski, and there are more than 200 miles of hiking and biking trails. Nearby Hoosier National Forest features 202,000 acres of protected land. There are four golf courses in Bloomington for those who prefer to wonder the cart paths.

Bloomington contains a bumper crop of entertainment options both on and off campus. On campus is the University Auditorium for music and theater performances, the Art Museum, and the always provocative gallery at the Kinsey Institute. There are more than 40 pubs, breweries, taverns and bars in Bloomington. Many of these establishments offer live music. Among the most popular water holes is Upland Brewing Company. A popular spot on cold winter days is Darn Good Soup.


City Population (2010 Census): 80,405

Student Population: 42,400

College(s): Indiana University

Don't Miss: The Player's Pub for music, The Atlas Bar for drinks, The Owlery for vegetarian food

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