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St. Augustine, FL

Population: 13,676
Photo courtesy of Steve Beger

St. Augustine Lighthouse

Something about the St. Augustine Lighthouse attracts tragedy. It began back in the 1600s, when the original lighthouse still stood and the keeper, Mr. Andreau, fell to his death while painting the tower. The lighthouse was later replaced in 1874, and while the ghost of Mr. Andreau still hung around, he wasn't alone for long. The daughters of Hezekia Pittee, along with a friend, all drowned one day when they lost control of a handcart they were playing with. Ever since, there have been reports of ghostly girl sightings and footsteps climbing the empty lighthouse. Voices are also frequently heard, especially at night and often pleading for help. Along with the lighthouse itself, the ghosts supposedly haunt many surrounding buildings including the keeper's house.

See ways St. Augustine, FL, celebrates its past, and discover the fun activities the city offers.

*Photo courtesy of Steve Beger.