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Savannah, GA

Population: 149,061
Photo courtesy of Jodi Brown

17Hundred90 Inn

Nicknamed the Most Haunted City in America, it comes as no surprise that Savannah, GA, has a few skeletons in its closets. The city's oldest inn, 17Hundred90, is no exception. Chance a stay in room 204, and you may just meet the inn's most infamous resident, Anna Powell. The story goes that long ago, 16-year-old Anna was staying at the inn when she met and fell in love with a visiting sailor. The circumstances of the relationship are disputed; some say she was already unhappily married when she met the sailor, while others report she was simply a love-struck teenager. Regardless, when her sailor set out to sea, Anna Powell promptly threw herself off the balcony.

Today, Anna's spirit still pervades the inn, and she's reportedly been seen on more than one occasion since her untimely death. Room 204 is her favorite haunt, and guests have reported strange occurrences. Sometimes, she's seen rocking in the rocking chair by the window, or accused of turning on the lights or radio in the early morning. She also has an eye for fashion and will often set guests' clothes out for them. Until recently, guests of room 204 were required to sign a waiver stating they would not be refunded their money if they left in the middle of the night.

Still not spooked? The second, more sinister ghost of 17Hundred90 haunts the basement. She's reportedly a former servant who was heavily into voodoo, so tread carefully: rumor has it she hasn't quite kicked the habit.

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*Photo courtesy of Jodi Brown.