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Louisville, KY

Population: 608,732
Photo courtesy of Cherie Priest

Waverly Hills Sanatorium

Beware: Waverly Hills in Louisville, KY, is not for the weak of heart. Considered one of the most haunted places in America, the Waverly Hills Sanatorium now offers several different tours. The facility has long been a hotspot for paranormal activity. The sanatorium was once a tuberculosis hospital that saw thousands of patients over the years, most of whom spent their last days inside the walls of Waverly Hills. Rumors of inhumane treatment and the infamous “Body Chute,” which was used to transport the bodies of dead patients from inside the hospital to the exterior, cast an ominous shadow over the place long before it closed its doors for good in 1982.

The building has since deteriorated, but its reputation for the wicked and weird has only grown. Visitors to the sanatorium tell of the little girl who runs up and down the third floor and the woman with bleeding wrists who pleads for help. Strange sounds and eerie footsteps echo throughout the rooms. The most activity can be found on the fifth floor, which is believed to be where the mentally ill patients were kept. Reportedly, this is where people have seen shadows moving across the windows and heard disembodied voices ordering them to get out. For true ghost-hunters who are feeling particularly brave, this is the place for you. But don't say we didn't warn you.

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*Photo courtesy of Cherie Priest.