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Chapel Hill, NC

Population: 61,712

Courtesy of MiamiHitman under a CC 2.0 license.

The Carolina Inn

It's best to pack a sense of humor when visiting The Carolina Inn in Chapel Hill, NC – especially if you're staying in room 256. Jokester Dr. William Jacocks lived in the room for 17 years, until his death in 1965, and many hotel employees and guests are certain he never left.

Dr. Jacocks' apparition, a portly figure dressed in a blue coat and a black suit, has been seen roaming the hotel's hallways and searching for unlocked doors. He's also been known to lock guests out of room 256, forcing staff members to break into the room through a window once and removing the door from its hinges on another occasion. Room 256's inhabitants have also heard strange noises, seen curtains open on their own, and smelled a strong and inexplicable floral scent.

While he may cause trouble, Dr. Jacocks' ghost is believed to be friendly and enjoy playing pranks from beyond the grave, just as he did during his life. Those eager to meet the inn's most famous guest can take advantage of The Room with a Boo! Package, which includes an overnight stay in room 256, dinner for two – but set for three – and a biography of Dr. Jacocks.

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*Photo courtesy of miamihitman.