Explore the best downtowns that America has to offer

One of the best measures of a city’s livability is the quality of its downtown. Is it historic? Has it been revitalized? Do residents spend a lot of time in it? Downtowns can be incubators for local businesses, as well as hotspots for dining and entertainment. There’s also a great deal of walkability in downtowns, which is an important factor in making a city a great place to live.

2016 Top 10 Downtowns

The best downtowns transform the way we live, linking communities and engaging residents.

  • 2014 10 Best Downtowns

    Our picks for the best downtowns of 2014 include cities undergoing significant improvement. We looked for downtowns with declining vacancy and growing populations. These places are attracting new residents and businesses while creating a vibrant scene that draws tourists and unites the greater community with a sense of pride.
  • 2012 10 Best Downtowns

    Downtowns across the country are seeing a resurgence of restaurants, shops, offices and residential development. We've picked out the best downtowns, places that offer amazing amenities and high quality of life.