Best Places to Live


Explore the best places to raise a family in America

If you’re reading this, you’re likely in one of two places: Considering settling down and starting a family, or currently raising a family and looking for a better place to do it in. Luckily, you’ve come to the right place. These lists provide a data-driven look at cities that are not only great places for kids, but also for mom and dad.

  • 10 Best Places to Raise a Family

    Ranking Criteria: Percentage of School Age Children (5-18), Number of Parks, Crime Rate, Graduation Rate, Quality of Schools in the Area, Walk Score, Average Commute Time, Number of Libraries, Percentage of Families in Poverty
  • 10 Best Cities for African Americans

    In an increasingly diverse nation, these cities offer more opportunities to African Americans, both in career and lifestyle.
    Ranking Criteria: Percentage of African American Residents, Income Equality, Percentage of African American Homeowners, Percentage of African Americans at or Below Poverty Line, Percentage of New African American Residents, Cost of Living Expenses, Crime Rate, WalkScore, TV Viewing Habits
  • Best Affordable Places to Live

    Our annual ranking of the best affordable cities includes not just cheap places to live, but also communities with high standards of living and low housing costs.
    Ranking Criteria: Median Household Income, Income Equality, Consumer Spending, Entertainment Options, Economic Conditions
  • 10 Best Cities for Families

    Discover the best cities to raise a kid. We've identified cities that attract families with children thanks to great schools, a high percentage of kids, low crime and low cost of living. See which cities best suit families.
    Ranking Criteria: Households with Kids, Crime Rate, Children in Poverty, Graduation Rate, School Rankings, Kids' Programs, Cost of Living, Commute Time, WalkScore
  • Best Affordable Places to Live

    In creating our list of the most affordable cities to live in, we analyzed cost-of-living factors and quality of life because the cheapest places to live don't necessarily make the best places to live. We looked for places with low living costs but ample amenities and things to do.
    Ranking Criteria: Cost of Living, Median Household Income, Median Home Value, LivScore
  • 10 Best Cities for Kids

    Great schools, playgrounds and low crime are only part of the package that makes a city great for children. To pick the best places for kids, we looked at health data, cost of living and even how many restaurants have kids' menus. See who made our list.
    Ranking Criteria: Percentage of households with school-age children, Environment, Crime rate, School ranking, Cost of living, Restaurants with kids' menus
  • 10 Best Children's Libraries

    We looked at 500 libraries to find the best libraries for kids. The children's libraries we selected not only look amazing, they offer great programs and activities to get kids excited about reading, learning and exploring.
    Ranking Criteria: Recognized children's programs, Community outreach, Visually appealing spaces, Large media collections, Use of new technology
  • 10 Best Pet Cities

    Would you be willing to move just to put your pet in a better place? Well if you're that kind of person (or maybe just the curious type), take a look at our choices for the best cities for pets.
    Ranking Criteria: Dog parks, Pet-friendly trails, Pet stores, Active animal welfare groups