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2010 10 Best Pet Cities

Would you be willing to move just to put your pet in a better place? Well if you're that kind of person (or maybe just the curious type), take a look at our choices for the best cities for pets.

Antony Boshier

Pet lovers spent an estimated $50 billion on their pets in 2011 according to the American Pet Products Association (APPA). That's an awful lot of doggie bones for Fido and scratching posts for Fluffy. Pets have become more like family members, so it's no wonder that more people are factoring in their pets when contemplating a move.

Below you'll find information on some of the most pet-friendly cities in the United States. These cities have pet-friendly parks and trails, quality veterinary care, active animal welfare groups, as well as an abundance of pet boutiques and retail shops. To make the list, these cities had to be more than pet friendly. They also had to offer an exceptionally high quality of life for the owners who love those pets. From quality health care and higher education to diverse job opportunities, and active artistic and cultural scenes, these cities are some of the best places to work, live and play in America.

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Ranking Criteria

Dog parks
Pet-friendly trails
Pet stores
Active animal welfare groups