Best Places to Live

Eugene, OR

Population: 159,615
Photo: Ponce Christie

Gourmet pet boutiques and gourmand pet owners flourish in Eugene, OR. Also flourishing in the city is the ever-popular Oregon Truffle Festival, but little do festival-goers know that the delectable delicacies would be impossible to find without the help of our four-legged friends.

Expert trainers run a truffle-hunting seminar for curious dogs and owners to try their hand (or paw) at finding the hidden truffles – the only class of its kind in the nation. While the owners get to enjoy the bounty in the end, pets are able to enjoy some high-quality cuisine of their own in Eugene.

Organic dog treat wholesaler Our Happy Hounds is based in Eugene, as is Steve's Real Food, where fresh, organic, minimally processed dog and cat food is emphasized. The Healthy Pet offers healthy pet food, medical supplements, fresh cat and dog treats, and bike delivery. But pet pampering isn't limited to mealtimes in Eugene, thanks to its numerous leashless dog parks and pet events.

Fresh air is good for both residents and their pets. Find out why Eugene made our Top 10 Green Cities list.