10 Best Film Festivals

Most film buffs know about the big film festivals, but across the country there are smaller celebrations of the big screen. We've lined up an all-star cast of cities that host amazing film festivals. Take a peek.

It's that time of year, when red carpets roll out and superstars do their best to impress. It's award season, and Hollywood's gearing up for the godfather of award shows: the Oscars. But amidst the glamour of the Golden Globes, the SAGs and the Emmys, lesser known shows are happening over the country in celebration of the films and filmmakers that haven't yet hit the big time. We've compiled a list of some of the best small film festivals around the country – from the action-packed ActionFest in Asheville, NC, to the spooky All Souls Fest in Tuscon, AZ – to give you a taste of what goes on outside of Hollywood.

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Ranking Criteria

Small venues • Community supported • Star studded events

10. Traverse City, MI Population 15,168
9. Asheville, NC Population 86,789
8. Bend, OR Population 81,780
7. Muskogee, OK Population 38,776
6. Tupelo, MS Population 35,561
5. Champaign, IL Population 84,008
4. Greensboro, NC Population 279,427
3. Tucson, AZ Population 528,374
2. Wichita, KS Population 387,147
1. Salem, OR Population 160,008