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Tupelo, MS

Population: 37,725
Photo: Tupelo CVB

Dudie Burger Festival

The famed Dudie Burger can only be experienced one weekend a year, during the annual Dudie Burger Festival in Tupelo, MS, in May (when some 1,400 burgers are sold). The famous Dudie Burgers are a mix of meat, flour and water first introduced during World War II when many items were being rationed. In 1947, resident Truman "Dudie" Christian converted an old Memphis streetcar into a diner that operated for years on the corner of South Gloster and Carnation streets. Today the retired streetcar is parked at the Oren Dunn Museum, which sponsors the festival each year.

Don't Miss: the flashback to 50s-style entertainment

What's Served: Dudie Burgers

What to Bring: Your appetite

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