10 Best Summer Fairs

There are hundreds of county and state fairs across the country. All of them represent what is good about their communities and bring people together. But some fairs are just better than others and worth traveling to, even if you don't live nearby. See which fairs got our blue ribbons.

State and county fairs are summertime staples in most places.

The good ones keep people coming back, year after year, to see who grew the biggest tomato, raised the fattest pig, or just to enjoy simple pleasures like funnel cake, merry-go-rounds and music. Fairs are celebrations of local agriculture, talent and traditions. Attend a fair and you'll get a glimpse of not only what, but who, makes a town tick.

The Livability.com team examined fairs across the country, looking at attendance, total entertainment value and the quality of life in the community to come up with a list of what we feel are some of the best fairs the country has to offer. They got our blue ribbons. See if they get yours.

Ranking Criteria

Large annual attendance • Total entertainment value • Highly livable community • Unique attractions/events

10. Rock Springs, WY Population 23,869
9. Vancouver, WA Population 168,050
8. Victorville, CA Population 120,703
7. Lebanon, TN Population 28,638
6. Shreveport, LA Population 200,015
5. Crown Point, IN Population 28,444
4. Louisville, KY Population 608,732
3. Puyallup, WA Population 38,720
2. West Des Moines, IA Population 61,266
1. Syracuse, NY Population 144,564