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Greenville, SC

Population: 71,693
Photo: Smoke on the Water

The thing to know about the Carolinas is barbecue is synonymous with chopped or pulled pork. When they say barbecue, they don't mean beef. Here, they slow roast their pork, then offer a selection of sauces for the consumer to put on it.

Greenville, SC, offers 13 restaurants to try, and most of these are independently owned. Even though some barbecue experts, like our friend Brian Pearcy, say Greenville is a well-known barbecue city, we didn't think it was well known. It doesn't pop up on many other lists, but some of its restaurants have received national praise.

BBQ restaurant to resident ratio: 1:4,623

Don't miss:

Henry's Smokehouse: Everything at Henry's is done by hand. Cooks hand pull all the pork butt and toss out all but the choicest portions. In addition to BBQ and ribs, they offer sweet potato casserole and sweet tea. Locals love to pour on the mustard/vinegar sauce.

Smoke on the Water: Among the more upscale barbecue restaurants you'll find, but clean and crisp doesn't mean they don't have good 'cue. The restaurants name comes from its location near a waterfall. Customers rave about the tenderness and flavorful pulled pork. The complimentary cornbread will get you through until your order is ready.

Mac's Speed Shop: A large beer selection accompanies large portions of pulled pork. They make a mean mustard sauce and have several flat screens showing various sporting events.