Best Places to Live

Burlington, VT

Population: 43,936
Kevin Young

Burlington, VT, may be best known as the birthplace of Ben & Jerry's ice cream and home of some cute cows, but this place is also a brew lover's haven.

The Magic Hat Brewery is located in South Burlington, and yes, you can take a tour and sample the goods. And there's a lot of good in the hat. Among the most popular beers that Magic Hat pulls out is #9, an unusually tasty ale, and Circus Boy, an unfiltered hefeweizen. It's a hippy, happening kind of place.

Vermont's oldest craft brewery is The Vermont Pub and Brewery, which got its start in 1988. This place, and its founder Greg Noonan, are credited with jump starting the microbrewing industry, which has sweeped the beer-loving nation. They churn out 10 or more different brews each year including the Burly Irish Ale, a gold medal winner at the 2006 Great International Beer Competition.

Burlington, VT also made our 2011 Top 10 College Towns list.