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Fort Collins, CO

Population: 170,243
courtesy of Paul L Dineen, available under a Creative Commons license

Majestic mountains and crystal clear lakes surround Fort Collins, Colo., creating ideal conditions for outdoor lovers or just about anyone looking for an excuse to get some exercise. The city’s amazing recreational opportunities, highly active residents, low health-care costs and strong social support services make Fort Collins one of the Top 10 Healthiest Cities in the country. 

What's impressive is that despite numerous temptations to overindulge, from numerous craft breweries to a fantastic collection of restaurants, fewer than 19 percent of residents in Fort Collins and surrounding Larimer County are considered obese. More than 80 percent engage in overall healthy lifestyles, exercise on a regular basis, and only about 15 percent of the population smokes.

On top of magnificent areas to kayak, hike, and hike, fitness centers in Fort Collins provide various ways to burn calories and stay in shape. Throughout the year, five farmers markets in and around Fort Collins give people access to fresh, locally grown fruits and vegetables, as well as beef and other meats. Despite the absence of wide network of bike lanes and walking paths, Fort Collins is surrounded by natural areas with hiking trails, and many residents get to work or run errands on foot. The presence of Colorado State University brings many opportunities for social and cultural engagement. Downtown Fort Collins, one of the 2012 Best Downtowns, attracts many walkers who enjoy window shopping on their way to grabbing a bite to eat. 

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Fort Collins is surrounded by natural areas with hiking trails and many residents get to work or run errands on foot.

Fort Collins, CO Highlights

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