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College Park , MD

Population: 31,730
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Students at the University of Maryland routinely get involved with the College Park political scene. In 2009, UM student Marcus Afzali even won a seat on the city council. Many of the university's 37,000 students identify as liberals and greatly influence the values of the town. The last time a Republican presidential candidate won the vote in College Park was in 1972, when Richard Nixon beat George McGovern.

College Park Mayor Andrew Fellows is a member of the Democratic Municipal Officials, a national organization that promotes the party. Many city leaders and residents have close ties to Washington D.C., which is just a few miles from College Park. Fifth Congressional District Rep. Steny Hoyer holds the position of minority whip. Steny, a rank-and-file Democrat according to GovTrack, has supported federal facilities and associated businesses including the NOAA Center for Weather and Climate Prediction in College Park.

Residents here are more likely to ...

  • drive a Cadillac.
  • eat at Chic-fil-A.
  • shop at REI.
  • watch The Newsroom.
  • read Time magazine.

College Park , MD Highlights

Obama won 89.7% of the vote here in 2012
U.S. Representative: Steny Hoyer, Democrat
Hoyer supported the passage of the Affordable Care Act