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2010 10 Best Cities for Water Activities

As the summer heat kicks in you'll need a place to cool off. Check out these cities by lakes, rivers and oceans.

Todd Bennett

Summer is heating up, and it's time to start scoping out the perfect spot to cool down. We're talking H2O. There's nothing like a swim, dive or dip to beat the heat. Whether you're at the beach, on a lake, river or just chilling at the water park, it's time to get wet. Want an extreme water scene? We have plenty of white water for you. Or perhaps you prefer to relax and ride a more gentle wave? We've got you covered. This list of 10 awesome water cities gives you choices from a leisurely beach vacation to wild rides down some serious rivers and everything in between. So grab your sunscreen and swimsuits, and get ready to take a plunge.

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Water as a main attraction
Year-round activities