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2011 10 Best Places for a Staycation

High gas prices are going to make that cross-country family vacation cost a lot more. Heck, even a weekend getaway can become more than you wanted to spend. But a great vacation can still be had. We're offering 10 great staycation cities that offer residents a getaway in their own backyard.

Brian McCord

With the cost of gas and airfare prices on the rise, the dream of taking a family vacation or even a weekend getaway can quickly turn into a budgeting nightmare.

But who couldn't use a break? And if you're lucky enough to live in one of these 10 cities, you'll certainly get it without getting gouged at the pump.

This year, instead of the much-hyped vacation destinations, we're offering you a look at the best places to take a staycation. For those unfamiliar with the term, a staycation is just what it sounds like – a vacation that you take near or at your home. It involves all the activities and attractions your city has to offer. You can make it as low-key or luxurious as you choose. The main rule is do as little traveling as possible, saving on gas and transportation costs so you can use that money for other things.

Stay at home and enjoy a few day trips or check into a nearby hotel and let someone else do the cleaning and bed-making for a true vacation feel. We've highlighted 10 great cities that are staycation destinations. We've included suggestions for hotels, things to do and places to eat. So grab your sun block or hiking shoes and get ready to get away by staying put.

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Lots of attractions
Great restaurants
Hotel discounts for locals
Public transportation options